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Cannabis smokers always find a way to innovate the consumption experience. In 2017, social media caught fire when Twitter user @Simple_Sasha uploaded a video of herself preparing and smoking cannabis from a rose petal. The viral video and subsequent flurry of news stories, news articles, and social media commentaries led to a barrage of questions, including but not limited to:

  • How to make a rose petal blunt
  • How to roll a rose petal blunt
  • Will smoking rose petals get you high?
  • How long do you bake rose petals for a blunt?
  • Are rose petals toxic to humans?
  • Are rose petals good for my health?

The buzz has understandably gone down in the years since the first video of a rose petal blunt. That said, many still use roses as part of their experience. If you're among the group or want one for yourself, then we've got you covered. Read on to learn about what a rose petal blunt exactly is, how to roll one, why people enjoy them, and if it's safe to smoke rose petals.

What is a Rose Petal Blunt?

Simply put: It's a blunt rolled with rose petals instead of tobacco leaf. 

Proponents of the rose petal blunt choose them over cigar wraps for various reasons, from aesthetic and aroma to the believed additional calming properties. Like cannabis, roses contain the essential oil nerolidol, known for its pleasing aroma and relaxing effects. Some believe that depending on the petals used, they may also include therapeutic effects that could benefit depression symptoms or aid in smoking cessation efforts. 

How to Make a Rose Petal Blunt

It's easy to learn how to roll a rose petal blunt. At a basic level, you simply wilt 3 or 4 rose petals in an oven for a few seconds, stick them together end-to-end and use them as your rolling paper. Over time, you'll develop your own style but here's the simplest form to get you started: 

  1. Grind your weed into smaller pieces without grinding too finely. Make sure the flower is ground fine for easy rolling, but don't grind it too fine because it will fall out of the petals during assembly.
  1. Get your petals. Two to four should suffice, depending on their size. Then, trim the flower's core, or hard bottom, from the petals. Removing the core makes it easier to roll your rose petals while eliminating uneven thickness in your joint.
  1. Before rolling, wash your rose petals to remove any pesticide, dirt, and other unwanted elements. You're better off heading to a florist who specializes in pesticide-free flowers rather than from grocery stores that often contain pesticides. 
  1. Once washed adequately, leave your petals out to dry.
  1. Place the petals on a flat surface with the rounded, or bubble, side down. You want the edges facing upward. Placing your petals in this arrangement will minimize petal folding when they start wilting. 
  1. Once dry, broil the petals in their drying position. Broil for 10-15 seconds. You will need to experiment with oven temperatures and times, with the shape and thickness of your petals factoring into the ideal broiling time. A good place to start is 250°F. 

Watch closely as the remaining moisture puddles below the rising petal bubble. Be sure to avoid combustion and over-wilting. Remove from the broiler once your petals appear adequately wilted.

  1. If you don't have a broiler, try baking your petals at 250°F for one to several minutes. Keep a watchful eye for the same outcome as you would with a broiler. 
  1. Once dry and cool to the touch, lick the bottom half of each petal to stick, and fuse your petals into one blunt wrap. 

Beginners and concentrates fans: Not only do concentrates add a larger dosage to the consumption experience, but they can also keep your flowers together. Use a bit of easy-to-spread extracts if you're having trouble controlling the petals bound by saliva. You can also secure the final seam this way. 

  1. Put the newly formed rose petal wrap back into your broiler for 10 to 15 seconds to dry and fuse your petals. Using an oven setting will take a few minutes to complete.
  1. Once dried and cool, you should have a rose petal blunt wrap that functions like any standard option. Roll your blunt as you prefer to complete this step.  
  1. Now, pop your newly rolled rose petal blunt back into the broiler or oven for the same periods mentioned before. 
  1. Lastly, remove and cool your blunt. Then, enjoy at your leisure. 

If you need a hand shaping your rose petal blunt, consider grabbing a cannagar kit that helps correctly hold and shape your petals during the process. 

How Long Do You Bake a Rose Petal Blunt?

A good starting point is to bake a rose petal blunt for 10 to 15 seconds under a broiler or a minute or two in a 250-degree oven. As discussed above,the baking/broiling time will vary according to your oven. The ideal time and process depend on the quality of your oven or broiler. The same applies to how you prefer your petal to look in the end. While 250°F is a recommended starting point, you may need to adjust the temperature to meet your standards or the specs of your equipment. 

Regardless of your preference, be sure to keep a watchful eye during the process. Your petals can over-wilt or even combust in seconds, especially when broiling. Don't let more than just a bit of the petal blacken. Lower the temperature if the effect sets on too quickly. 

Benefits of Rose Petal Blunts

Consumers prefer rose petal blunts for various reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Elegance and vibrant color
  • Pleasurable aromas
  • Less harsh of a taste compared to blunts
  • No tobacco (unless you're rolling a spliff)
  • More natural than tobacco wraps that contain solvents 
  • Roses may improve moods
  • Roses may help with sleep or insomnia

Are Rose Petals Toxic to Humans?

For most people, a rose's thorns are about the only threat posed by the plant. As such, rose petals are safe for human and pet consumption alike, though you should keep the cannabis away from any animals. 

Keep in mind that roses can be toxic, of sorts, to people with allergies. While the experience likely won't result in anything grave, an allergy attack is still an unpleasant experience to avoid.  

Once you've smoked a rose petal blunt, consider exploring how else you can put your petals to use. Rose petals are used in an array of household products aside from cannabis, including jam making. Many regions of the world, ranging from China to the Middle East, use roses in their cuisine. So, if your rose petal blunt will give you the munchies, consider grabbing the ingredients to make a rose-based snack if you have leftover petals. 

Are Rose Petals Good for Health?

For many, that appears to be the case. Roses contain vitamins E and C and the antioxidant polyphenols, which protect the body from cell damage. In addition to protecting cells, rose petals have shown the ability to: 

  • Lower chronic disease risk 
  • Improve immunity  
  • Deliver anti-inflammatory properties 
  • Reduce menstrual cramp pains 
  • Assist with digestion

But smoking rose petals is unlikely to produce benefits that outweigh the risk of smoking in general. Instead, you could try rose petal tea. You can even add cannabis oil to your tea! 

Is it Dangerous to Smoke Rose Petals?

Smoking anything comes with a degree of danger. All smoke contains harmful pyrolytic toxins. Additional health risks may come from lingering pesticides, underscoring the importance of thorough cleaning before smoking. Source your own petals whenever possible. 

How Much is a Rose Petal Blunt?

Rose petal blunts tend to cost around $30 at the dispensary. However, as popularity has waned in years, rose petal blunts aren't as easy to find at dispensaries. Therefore, you may be better off buying or sourcing the components yourself. If you don't feel like doing the sourcing, you can buy wraps ranging from $16 standard-sized options to $100 for a staggering single 10-gram organic cone

Like cannabis, the choice boils down to how much you want and can spend on the experience. Once you have everything in order, be sure to follow the steps above to embark on your rose petal blunt journey. 

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