5 Monumental Reasons So Cal is Switching to Nugg Club's Weed Subscription Box

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Are you ready to try California's best marijuana subscription box? You'll receive $225 worth of dispensary quality cannabis products for just $99! That's 5 to 7 full-sized, name brand products (yes withTHC). Want more products? Add unlimited extras to your box from the Nugg Club wholesale market for 40% to 60% off retail prices.

Be sure to sign up for Nugg Club today. And if you don't live in the SoCal or Bay area, sign up for the waitlist! We'd love to have you on board when we can!


Did you know that over 5,000 Southern Californians have switched to Nugg Club's weed subscription box in just three months of operation?

That's probably because we're the best stoner subscription box out there, but there's more to it! Let's see what's piquing people's interest in Nugg Club, and most importantly--how it compares to the traditional cannabis shopping experience. 

Nugg Club is California's first true weed subscription box!
Subscription weed delivered to your front door!

Nugg Club is So Cal's Best Deal in Weed

Nugg Club aspires to be more than just another subscription box. We strive to create win-win scenarios where consumers get to sample top brands without paying top prices, and top brands get access to new sectors of the market.

Experience 6 to 8 top-shelf products in each box(plus a bunch of kick-ass extras) without paying the steep price at dispensaries. Instead of paying for extra fees and taxes, Nugg Club ensures that your box of THC goodies worth $225 only costs $99 plus some unavoidable taxes we couldn't do away with. Still a good deal, right? And if you sign up for their ambassador program, you get even more discounts! That's a lotta chedda!

As if that's not already the sweetest deal in SoCal, Nugg Club has an add-on wholesale market featuring favorites from previous boxes. All of these products can be purchased at huge discounts of 40% to 60% or more! How good of a deal is that?

Why pay full-price?

Try a half-ounce of Banana Cream Pie for a mere $144! Let's be real, it'd be NUTS to get your cannabis anywhere else at these prices!

Nugg Club's Unbeatable Value

Think about it. You could assemble your own box of the same items and pay a staggeringly high markup. This shock to the financial system is due to a litany of reasons, from taxes to operational costs to individual ordering.

Nugg Club does away with most of this. By bundling its items, we ensure that customers get their valuable, high-quality, full-sized products without paying the ridiculous prices that come with it. Instead, you get to hold onto your cash and put it towards something nice for yourself--like add-ons to go with your box ;) 

Nugg Club's weed subscription Box is an unbeatable value!
Premium cannabis products at unbeatable prices.

Go on, you deserve it after making such a fine fiscal decision by joining Nugg Club

Nugg Club's Delivery Speed

We'll be honest and admit that on-demand delivery is the better option if you want your weed today. They do a great job at this and deserve all the credit. However, if you're okay with waiting a few days, our team will wow you with hand-curated value that is sure to rival any e-commerce experience, and we don't mess around. Your first box should be curated within 10 to 14 days of your first order, and they'll arrive like clockwork after that, once you've set your frequency preferences.

Nugg Club is delivered right to your door on your schedule at your convenience.
Nugg Club provides reliable delivery schedules.

We also know the frustrations of on-demand delivery. We are customers too, and Nugg Club is our answer to the less-than-reliable on-demand delivery experience.

Instead of making your order and hoping it arrives despite unreliable updates and mixed signals, we will schedule a specific delivery window and update you with emails and text messages to let you know when your order is being hand-curated, prepared for delivery, and almost at your doorstep.

If you don't mind waiting a bit, we'll be sure to knock your socks off. Your call.

Nugg Club's Product Discovery

Nugg Club invested heavily in the insights of experts when creating our subscription box club. These curators are vital in cultivating boxes that appeal to every one of our customers' unique needs. Do you prefer pre-rolls and flower? Indica more than sativa? Maybe you'd rather have edibles and concentrates? Whatever your preference, your wish is our command!

When you subscribe to Nugg Club, you get unique options that suit your needs, while allowing you to sample a full-sized item without worrying about the cost.

With steep savings, kick back and try new products every month (or more often if you'd like) without a worry. If you don't like it somehow, let us know and we'll be sure to find just what suits your needs going forward. 

Try getting those discounts or up close buying experience at the dispensary or from your dealer. 

Nugg Club Tops Everyone for Convenience

We may have moved from the dealer to the dispensary in California, but the crapshoot often remains the same. 

Going to the dispensary is a process. It involves checking in and waiting in a lobby like you're at a doctor's office. Once inside, the buying experience can be less than ideal at many locations. All too often, customers report feeling rushed to make a purchase, leaving them unsatisfied and possibly filled with unanswered questions about the items they're now taking home. 

Nugg Club is the most convenient way to buy weed.
Take your time and browse products from the comfort of home.

Instead of being at the mercy of the store, why not get treated the way you should?

Nugg Club understands that no consumer is just another sale. We want each person to have a say in their box, choosing to decide when you want your box to arrive, and how often you want it. And we'll adhere to your social distancing requests as well. 

Nugg Club is Personalized Just for You!

Your customer experience isn't just personally tailored to your cannabis preferences -- you get to pick your delivery dates and frequency, choose add-ons for more great deals and communicate any special delivery needs to your driver.

Each Nugg Club box is designed to leave you feeling excited to dive-in. Consider it TH-Christmas each time you get a new box. It's our mission to provide you with a sense of thrill, wonder, and the joy of discovery as you try your numerous goodies' curated box. 

Consider Nugg Club TH-Christmas every month ;)
Each Nugg Club Box is hand-curated to your preference.

Just let us know what you love and we'll do our very best to evoke those feelings out of you every time with the power of pot and a bit of dedicated customer service.

Be sure to sign up for Nugg Club today. And if you don't live in the SoCal area, sign up for the waitlist! We'd love to have you on board when we can! 

Nugg Club Team

The Nugg Club team works day-in and day-out discovering the best cannabis that California has to offer.

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