Nugg Club Launches Schedule 1 to Fight Mass Cannabis Incarceration

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The Reality of Cannabis Incarceration

The United States has the highest prison population in the world--not only per capita, but literally the highest prison population in the world.

As of 2020, there were 2.3 million Americans in our prison and jail system. Nearly half a million of these prisoners are incarcerated for non-violent drug offenses. Marijuana, which is still inexplicably on the Schedule 1 Drug list, accounts for roughly 40,000 of these prisoners

As a reminder, the Schedule 1 Drug List is the list of drugs considered by the DEA to be the most dangerous; capable of causing severe psychological or physical dependence and offering no medical benefit. By comparison, other drugs on this list include heroine, bath salts and ecstasy. 

Most, if not nearly all experts now agree that cannabis has many medical benefits and has no place on the Schedule 1 list, yet more people were arrested for cannabis in 2019 than for ALL violent crimes combined.

Nugg Club is Launching Schedule 1

* In 2019, 545,602 people were arrested for cannabis-related crimes while only 495,871 were arrested for all violent crimes combined. 

Building a Brand with a Higher Purpose

Nothing seems more unjust than getting to enjoy beautiful boxes brimming with cannabis, while others sit in jail for possession of the same exact plant.

That’s why we built Schedule1. It’s an ultra premium line of flower, grown to fight against cannabis incarceration and to finally remove cannabis from the Schedule1 Drug List. It’s our fight for a better future and a reminder of our present reality. We'll be donating a portion of all proceeds to help free these prisoners and to actively support legislation to decriminalize cannabis once and for all.

The names that adorn the box are real prisoners incarcerated for cannabis, embodying the reality that our legal enjoyment is literally wrapped in a history of incarceration and injustice. Inside, sits a stark black capped jar that cradles some of the best flower on the market.

Schedule1 comes in indica, sativa and hybrid.

Schedule1's Flagship Strains

Mimosa (Sativa)

This sativa-dominant strain combines the best of Clementine and Purple Punch. Produced by  Northern California-based Symbiotic Genetics, this strain is designed to invigorate, relieve stress and spark creativity. 

With plenty of Limonene and Betacaryophyllene, Mimosa is a top-shelf herb; providing an uplifting and zesty high that fades gradually, leaving a pleasant feeling of buoyancy. The citrusy notes and earthy undertone pair perfectly with an easygoing day at the beach or an afternoon with friends. 

MAC 1 (Hybrid)

Prepare to blast off with this stash-worthy hybrid by legacy-grower Capulator. Alien Cookies cross with Miracle 15 and Starfighter to make a colorfully complex and pungent aroma hinting at diesel, spice and sour citrus. 

This highly sought genetic work of art was created by a cultivator with old-school roots and a passion for all things cannabis, and it really shows. It's well-known as a potent, evenly-balanced flower that creates a stimulating and uplifting sensation with just the right amount of chill - perfect for any time, day or night.

Sunset Cookies (Indica)

Thin Mint Cookies and Sherbet combine to make Sunset Cookies, a carefully-bred proprietary phenotype born in Coachella Valley. Bursting with notes of fresh blueberries and lavender citrus, this indica is what laid-back days at the beach are all about. The feeling is balanced between clear-headed and hazy, and very potent. 

Lovingly curated as a top-shelf, indoor flower, this is a hand-harvested and trimmed batch. The flowers were slowly cured in a strictly controlled environment designed to retain the terpenes that give Sunset Cookies their uniquely-sweet scent and flavor.

Time-consuming? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely.

First Month's Donations Going to the Last Prisoner Project

Nugg Club is donating a portion of each month's Schedule1 proceeds to organizations that fight to end the war on cannabis. For our first month, we couldn't find a more fitting partner than the Last Prisoner Project. Their dedication to this cause is worthy of everyone's support.

Schedule1's flagship strains: Mimosa (sativa), MAC 1 (hybrid), Sunset Cookies (indica)

What is the Last Prisoner Project?

The Last Prisoner Project (LPP) fights for criminal justice reform and the release of non-violent cannabis offenders still in prison. It's simply unthinkable that there are over 40,000 people still incarcerated for a plant that will soon be federally legal. It's time we put an end to this mass incarceration and fairly release these prisoners.

The LPP fights for a better future by:

  • Helping to expunge cannabis convictions
  • Providing pro bono legal services for incarcerated cannabis prisoners,
  • Advocating for change in unjust laws,
  • Conducting petitions, rallies and marches to raise awareness,
  • Organizing support programs for released prisoners.

The LPP also helps prisoners communicate with the outside world through the Letter to a Prisoner program. Volunteers can sign up to be pen pals with prisoners to lift their spirits and help them share their stories.

We're proud to support their work.

Find Schedule1 Exclusively at Nugg Club

Schedule1 is exclusively offered by Nugg Club; currently serving the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. They will be expanding to new areas soon, so you can sign up for Nugg Club's waitlist. You can find out more about Schedule1 here, and how you can help the Last Prisoner Project too. Let's finally put an end to mass incarceration in America!

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