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top cannabis strains by activity

Cannabis strains, also known as cultivars, are different varieties of the cannabis plant genus. Each strain contains a unique compound profile that includes its terpene and cannabinoid content. 

Read on to learn more about the science behind the plant, 10 of the top strains around today, and why they work better for some activities than others. 

top cannabis strains table

Super Silver Haze (cooking with friends, painting, viewing or creating art)

This throwback from the '90s has been a standard West Coast offering from Green House Seeds ever since winning 1st place Hydro at the 1997 High Times Cannabis Cup...and for good reason. This strain is known for its energetic and uplifting properties. 

Super Silver Haze is a fast-hitter that provides a mellow high, with more body effect than you'd expect from a mood-elevating strain. 

Genetics: Sativa dominant (80%), ½ Original Haze, ¼  Northern Lights #5 and ¼ Skunk #1 (Shiva) 

Flavors: citrus-forward, with spicy overtones   

THC content: 18% to 28%, averaging about 20%

Effects: creative, cheerful, energetic with a sedative effect as it tapers

Typical uses: mood disorders, appetite, creative inspiration

Prominent minor cannabinoids: CBG

Prominent terpenes: alpha-Pinene, Humulene and Caryophyllene

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ENDOS super silver haze

ENDOS Super Silver Haze (5 Pack)

5g | 26.7% THC


Creme Genetics super silver haze

Creme Genetics Super Silver Haze Day (4 Pack)

4.4g | 28% THC


Terry T x Gelato 33 (hangover wake and bake sessions, studying, early evening icebreaker for parties and get-togethers)

This gassed-up cross from the female-, minority-owned Pure Beauty cultivation brand is great for just about any occasion, including hangover wake and bake sessions, studying, and various get-togethers. Overall, expect uplifting, focused effects.

The 2:1 CBD:THC profile makes Terry T x Gelato 33 an "anytime strain," meaning it can work day or night, depending on your personal needs. Be social or stay in with this one.  

Genetics: Cross between Terry T (pure CBD flower) and Gelato 33, which is a balanced hybrid born from Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC.

Flavors: cherries, citrus, and a hint of diesel 

THC content: hovers around 7%, with CBD at around 14%

Effects: 2:1 CBD THC for a very mild high that loosens tense muscles and lightens the mood

Typical uses: mood disorders, appetite, creative inspiration

Prominent minor cannabinoids: CBD

Prominent terpenes: Limonene

Where to find Terry T x Gelato 33 on Nugg Club

Pure Beauty Terry T x Gelato 33

Pure Beauty Terry T x Gelato 33

High CBD | 3.5g | 6.67%


Lemon Kush Mints (meditation, movie night, yoga)

Wanna relax at home, get high and stimulate your physical or creative energies? This Kush Mints x Lemon Meringue Pie cross and its mood-boosting meets calming full-body effects may compel you to meditate, watch a movie...or very likely both. 

Lemon Kush Mints delivers ease-inducing effects that can suit a range of needs, making it another possible anytime strain.

Genetics: Indica-dominant hybrid cross of Lemon Meringue Pie and Kush Mints

Flavors: herbal minty citrus

THC content: tends toward 28%

Effects: Relaxed and cheerful, mildly sedating high

Typical uses: stress and insomnia, late-night smoke before bed

Prominent minor cannabinoids: <1% CBD very THC dominant

Prominent terpenes: caryophyllene, limonene and myrcene 

Where to find Lemon Kush Mintz on Nugg Club

Nirvana Lemon Kush Mintz

Nirvana Lemon Kush Mintz

3.5g | 22.8% THC


Durban Poison (outdoor fun with friends, exercise, yard work)

A cannabis essential and one of the Sativa landrace strains bred and made globally known by Ed Rosenthal in the 1970s, this South African gem is held in high regard and has been modified over the years to enhance its profile. Efforts have won Durban Poison high honors, including 2nd place medical sativa at the 2013 and 2014 Denver High Times Cannabis Cups.  

One of the few remaining pure sativas, Durban Poison is an uplifting strain perfect for outdoor hangouts, chores or anything else you'd like to accomplish with your day. 

Genetics: 100% Sativa

Flavors: orange, cream, spice, vanilla, licorice and pine, very complex

THC content: Averages 15% but can go as high as 24%

Effects: uplifting head high with stress relief

Typical uses: Paired with morning coffee, fun at the beach and other daytime activities

Prominent minor cannabinoids: varies a lot based on storage time and can run a little higher in CBN and/or CBG than other medium THC strains and up to 1% CBD 

Prominent terpenes: caryophyllene, humulene and terpinolene, but this strain tends to vary a lot

Where to find Durban Poison on Nugg Club

Claybourne Durban Poison

Claybourne Durban Poison Flower | Nugg Club

3.5g | 34.27% THC


Northern Emeralds Durban Poison

Northern Emeralds Durban Poison Flower | Nugg Club

3.5g | 35% THC


Rove Durban Poison Vapes

Rove Durban Poison Vapes | Nugg Club

0.5g | 89.6% THC


Blue Dream (great for novice users, dinner with the inlaws, increasing appetite)

A popular cultivar with undetermined origins in the Santa Cruz, California area, this Blueberry x Haze cross has won awards for numerous producers over the years. Blue Dream's ability to deliver energy and other beneficial boosts without overwhelming make it a potential option for newcomers and vets alike, boosting appetites or even surviving a night with the in-laws. 

Blue Dream is a legendary strain that can help adult use and medical consumers alike, providing swift physical or mental relief. 

Genetics: There are a few versions of this strain, usually bred from Silver Haze and Blueberry. Most are sativa-dominant

Flavors: Sweet Blueberries

THC content: medium, usually between 15% and 20%

Effects: Very mellow straightforward head high with a sense of wellbeing, massive munchies

Typical uses: Great for beginners who want to try a non-jittery sativa and all users who want an appetizer before a nice meal.One of California's most popular strains.

Prominent minor cannabinoids: Usually medium THC content and very low CBD, but there are strains of CBD dominant Blue Dream available as well

Prominent terpenes: myrcene, pinene and caryophyllene

Where to find Blue Dream on Nugg Club

Stone Road Blue Dream

Stone Road Blue Dream Flower | Nugg Club

3.5g | 24.66% THC


Bloom Blue Dream Vape

Bloom Blue Dream Vapes | Nugg Club

0.5g | 85.58% THC


Marigold Blue Dream Live Sugar

Marigold Blue Dream Live Sugar Concentrate | Nugg Club

1g | 82.68% THC


Wedding Cake (concerts, comedy clubs, vegging on the couch watching The Witcher)

This cultivar that some call Triangle Mints #23 or Pink Cookies was Leafly's 2019 Strain of the Year, and it shouldn't come as much of a surprise. First bred by Seed Junky Genetics, this high-THC Triangle Kush x Animal Mints cross is a top choice for vegging out and enjoying the scenery, be it at a comedy club or staying home catching up on The Witcher.

Wedding Cake is a flavorful, sedative strain that may help with pain or sleep issues. 

Genetics: Indica dominant hybrid cross of Triangle Kush and Animal Mints

Flavors: cherry cheesecake, flowers, sweet earth

THC content: often over 25% 

Effects: Very strong body high that can produce couch-lock, but it's still fantastic for concerts

Typical uses: Concerts, comedy clubs, vegging on the couch with a bag of chips after a long day at the office. 

Prominent minor cannabinoids: Usually around .3 to .5 CBG when freshly cured

Prominent terpenes: usually over 1% Humulene and sometimes over 2%, followed by Terpinolene and Myrcene

Where to find Wedding Cake on Nugg Club

Korova Wedding Cake

Korova Wedding Cake Flower | Nugg Club

3.5g | 30.13% THC


Stick E Disposable Vape Wedding Cake

Stick E Vape Wedding Cake (Disposable) Vapes | Nugg Club

0.5g | 90.05% THC

Acapulco Gold (a legendary strain you must try)

Originally grown in its Mexican namesake, Acapulco Gold is a revered landrace strain now cultivated worldwide.Known for its motivating, uplifting effects, Acapulco Gold has been known to help people better express themselves and create. 

Acapulco Gold is a must-try for anyone looking to boost their energy and creativity, as it reportedly provides effects similar to the sun rays beaming down on Mexico.

Genetics: a rare sativa dominant hybrid that can be hard to find these days, many consumers call it a purebred due to the fact that it's been around for decades

Flavors: woods, fresh dirt, sweet musk and skunk

THC content: modern strains are usually between 20% and 25%

Effects: very cerebral high with nice body effects

Typical uses: pain control without couch lock, reading the Anarchist's Cookbook, discussing politics with friends, and just to say you've had it

Prominent minor cannabinoids: mostly THC, very little CBD

Prominent terpenes: alpha-Pinene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene

Where to find Acapulco Gold on Nugg Club

Henry's Original Acapulco Gold Prerolls

Henry's Original Acapulco Gold Preroll

2g | 23.2% THC

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Sour Diesel (wake and bake, DIY projects)

Sour D is one of the most iconic strains in recent years. This Chemdawg x Super Skunk cross came onto the scene in the early '90s and remains a popular choice for people waking and baking as well as those looking to find the energy to complete their chore list. 

Sour Diesel is regarded for its ability to address numerous physical and mental pains, offering energizing effects that also calm the mind. 

Genetics: popular sativa thought to be a cross of Chemdawg and Kush

Flavors: hints of gasoline mixed with citrus and fruit

THC content: averages 20% to 25%

Effects: mentally stimulating, perfect for wake and bake breakfasts

Typical uses: highly sought for pain control, depression and stress

Prominent minor cannabinoids: sometimes higher in CBN

Prominent terpenes: Caryophyllene, Humulene, Myrcene

Where to find Sour Diesel on Nugg Club

Stone Road Sour Diesel

Stone Road Sour Diesel Flower | Nugg Club

3.5g | 26.26% THC


Himalaya Sour Diesel Live Resin Vape

Himalaya Sour Diesel Vapes | Nugg Club

0.5g | 80.5% THC


Eureka Sour Diesel Infused Preroll

Eureka Sour Diesel (Infused) Prerolls | Nugg Club

1g | 39.08% THC


Cookies n Cream (afternoon naps and late night snacks)

This award-winning Starfighter x undisclosed GSC phenotype cross comes courtesy of Exotic Genetix. The 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup winner reportedly offers a balanced body effect that often induces sleep and leaves people in a better mood. 

Cookies n Cream is as delicious as the name suggests, offering an excellent taste, aroma and effects that consumers say can last quite a while. 

Genetics: balanced hybrid of Starfighter and an unnamed GSG 

Flavors: sugar cookies and vanilla

THC content: usually around 20% to 25%

Effects: a balanced high that relaxes the limbs, may lean toward sleepiness

Typical uses: it's a very balanced high, so pairs well with we time and me time, also great for bed time if you smoke enough

Prominent minor cannabinoids: sometimes as high as 1% CBG

Prominent terpenes: Caryophyllene, Humulene

Where to find Cookies n Cream on Nugg Club

Lowell Cookies N Cream Live Rosin Sauce Vape

Lowell Cookies N Cream Live Rosin Sauce (Disposable) Vapes | Nugg Club

0.5g | 80.48% THC


Jack Herer (to honor the legend)

A nod to one of the community's esteemed legends, Jack Herer embodies the legendary pot proponent and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Introduced by Sensi Seeds in the 90s via a Northern Lights #5 x Shiva Skunk cross, this tribute cultivar is ideal for parties or laying low while reading cannabis literature. 

Jack Herer is known for its quick-hitting effects that often leave folks deep in thought…much like Jack Herer's iconic literary works have done for decades. 

Genetics: Some claim Northern Lights #5 x Shiva Skunk. Others say it's a secret ;)

Flavors: flowers, oranges and peaches with a hint of pepper

THC content: varies between 15% and 24%

Effects: another well-balanced high that hits fast and leads to deep thoughts

Typical uses: reading the emperor wears no clothes, smoking all day, parties

Prominent minor cannabinoids: can have up to 0.24% CBD

Prominent terpenes: Caryophyllene, Mycerene and Terpinolene

Where to find Jack Herer on Nugg Club

Alpine Jack Herer Vape

Alpine Jack Herer Vapes | Nugg Club

1.05g | 86.66% THC


Sticke-Stubs Jack Herer Prerolls

Sticke-Stubs Jack Herer Prerolls | Nugg Club

3.5g | 22.96% THC


Jet Fuel Jack Herer Flower

Jet Fuel Jack Herer Flower | Nugg Club

3.5g | 20.9% THC


Indica vs. Sativa is so 2000

Today, we often associate sativa with uplifting, energetic cultivars, while indica strains are more sedative. You may want to stop using this misnomer if you're making this association. 

The plant's effects were never part of the original descriptions and categorizations for Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa. Instead, the terms relate to the plant's leaves and nug shapes. 

With sativa, cultivars often have thinner, longer leaf blades, with their nugs long in shape. Indica leaves are shorter and broader, with nugs that appear more stout and dense. 

So, while indica and sativa still have a place in cannabis terminology, it might not be best for determining their effects. What really matters is the cannabinoid content and how your unique chemistry interacts with the different cannabinoids. 

Types of cannabinoids and their potential effects

Cannabinoids and terpenes are like herbs and spices: without the right ratio, you aren’t going to enjoy your meal. And just like different spices add different flavors, a strain’s unique cannabinoid and terpene profile will dictate the flavor and effects you experience.

The below table of typical cannabinoid levels are taken from street samples. So while the levels of each cannabinoid will be lower here than you’re likely to find in top shelf bud at your local dispensary, this is a more accurate representation of the natural amounts of cannabinoids you could expect to find in a plant with an unmanipulated growing environment or genetics. As such, it can serve as a starting place if you’re looking for new strains that are more likely to offer a specific effect.

There are hundreds of cannabinoids, and the different combinations (along with the terpene profile) in each strain is what produces the unique effects you experience. Additional research is needed to shine a brighter light on these lesser known cannabinoids and how they contribute to the entourage effect.

Types of Terpenes and their potential effects

Terpenes are often associated with a strain’s flavor profile. But like cannabinoids, terpenes can play a role in the effects you experience. It’s one reason why the same strain from two different growers might produce different effects.

For some consumers, the only priority is high THC content. But for experienced connoisseurs and many medical marijuana patients, the most important factor when choosing a strain is the specific effects it will have. And to understand effects, you must understand the role cannabinoids and terpenes play.

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