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Marijuana is expensive. All too often, we shell out so much for products that we end up losing sight of the quality an item hopefully has. All too often, it becomes a trek trying to find the right product for the right price. 

If you're like us, you're always looking for great weed deals. This leads up to great news: 

You need not look any further. Nugg Club and our add-on menu have got you covered.

There are so many awesome cannabis products to choose from Nugg Club's add-on menu. No matter what you're into - flower, vapes, edibles, or all and more of the above--there's something for every herb lover on our lucky number seven best-of list. 

In no particular order, because we ain't about that exclusionary stuff, here are the 7 highest rated products on our add-on menu right now.

Oasis Peanut Butter Cups, $13

Go ahead and find another peanut butter cup that tastes better. We'll wait. 




Find one yet? No, it's okay. We've got time.




See? You can't. Oasis is that good. 

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Just like the namesake says, Oasis' Peanut Butter Cups are a refreshing take in an often arid edibles market. These delicious low-calorie, low-carb cannabis-infused peanut butter cups are known for boosting moods while you take a hike or kick it while making pancakes on Sunday morning. 

Oasis Peanut Butter Cups are made from single-origin, fair-trade chocolate along with all-natural peanut butter, powdered sugar, coconut oil. Some edibles end up being overwhelmed by the flower, but not Oasis. The taste of cannabis flavor is noticeable, but not like the overwhelming, unwelcome taste some edibles offer.

Each pack is divided into four servings of 20 milligrams of THC each -- which is great for single-serving micro-dosing or sharing. Or just take the entire pack of four to the dome if you feel like it. We don't judge.

SELFiES Gelato Crunch (Crumble Infused Hybrid) 12-Pack Mini Pre-Rolls, $31

Not everyone enjoys taking selfies, but cannabis consumers seem to overwhelmingly love taking a different kind of selfie, or SELFiES as they prefer to be called. 

Gelato Crunch (Infused)

Sometimes good things come in compact packages, and that's exactly the case with SELFiES mini pre-rolls. When you're headed out for a day of tasks and moving about, you're not always trying to blaze a full joint of flower mixed with high-potency crumble to the face. And even if you are, it may not be the best idea, depending on your day. 

That's where SELFiES pre-rolls become your new best friend. These mini pre-rolls promote creativity and help you stay productive while avoiding that zoned-out feeling of over-indulgence.

Gelato Crunch is a deliciously fruity and earthy hybrid strain from SELFiES. Packed with the increased potency of crumble from Gelato crystal resin, each pre-roll comes in quarter gram offerings, totaling three grams total per package.

Canna Lemon Lavender Six Pack, $19

Microdosing has been a popular method of consumption for years. Now, with so many cannabis lovers working from home, microdosing is our jam now more than ever. Those looking to do so should choose an option that does just the trick while tasting great. 

(6-Pack) Lemon Lavender

Allow us to introduce you to Cann, if you haven't met this darling just yet. 

Cann's THC-infused drink line is popular for its low-dose, social buzz beverages that make you feel vigorous and upbeat. A can't miss is its lemon lavender option. A fizzy lemonade with, you guessed it, lavender, Cann's creation is a pleasant taste which shouldn't overpower consumers. Lightly carbonated, low-calorie beverages from Cann contain a blend of 2 milligrams of THC and 4 milligrams of CBD. 

There's nothing better for a midday pick-me-up, and Cann can (see what we did there?) do just that for you. Just be sure to consume in moderation. While delicious and low-dose, we recommend against chugging this entire six-pack as you did in college with that nasty can of crap beer. But hey, it's your life. Again, we don't judge.

Eureka Vapor Blackberry Kush Carts, $27

The Eureka Vapor brand takes pride in producing high-quality CO2 extracted cannabis oil that's as pure and clean as the market can create. Vapor cartridges from Eureka are free from synthetic additives, with each batch undergoing rigorous quality control testing. The result is potent oil carts that preserve the terpene profile of the strain, giving consumers a taste of as much of the whole plant as they can. 

Blackberry Kush

Keep an eye out for Eureka's Blackberry Kush cartridge, because it's a ticket to Flavortown, and we're not talking about the capital of Guy Fieri's business empire. Blackberry Kush carts are delectable options that have a delightfully hashy aroma and taste from the kush lineage that comes mixed with sweet blackberries. The indica-dominant body feel of blackberry kush Eureka vapor cartridges is a preferred choice of some consumers for its pain management and stress relief abilities. 

Perfect for relaxing at the end of the day when you're not feeling like smoking, each cart contains 1 milligram of distillate, totaling 91.65% THC.  

Level Hybrid Prototabs, $16

Kickstart your early morning by giving yourself an instant mood boost with a swallowable Protoab from Level. Or use Protabs to relax. They're made to address any occasion, and the hybrid options are perfect for delivering the results that tend to work with whatever you're doing during any part of the day. 

Hybrid Protab

Each Level Protab package contains 10 tablets, containing 25 milligrams of THC in each piece. Once consumed, the end result is expected to leave you feeling uplifted while experiencing the happiness-inducing effects of a hybrid cultivar in less than 90 minutes, lasting for up to four hours overall. 

Level's Hybrid Protabs are ideal for taking on the go, or for when you simply don't have the time to take out of your day for a sesh. If you would rather take a dose that's on the lighter side, each tablet is scored, making them easy enough to split. 

Pure One Vape Cart - Sunset Sherbert, $19 

Pure One bills its vape cartridges as the best-hitting on today's market. You're likely to struggle to find a counter-argument. 

Sunset Sherbet

Each vape cartridge from Pure One is triple-distilled during the CO2 extraction process, resulting in pure oil concentrates without any nasty additives. These 90% THC vapor cartridges include a top pick, the indica-leaning Sunset Sherbert. With a lineage of Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panther that tastes florally and like a sweet berry, Sunset Sherbet is one of the most delicious and potent options on the market. 

The technology for Pure One is hard to beat as well. The ceramic coil cartridges used results in more vapor than plastic counterparts, and a battery that produces 10-times more vapor than competitors. 

How's that for bang for your buck?

Wyld Brand Huckleberry Gummies, $19

Sorry Wyatt Earp from the 1993 classic Tombstone, you're no longer our huckleberry. We've taken up with a new huckleberry, and this time, it's a bit gummy...just the way we like it. 


Wyld Brand's Huckleberry Gummies are as delicious as they are effective. The Pacific Northwest brand aimed to create an edible that allows consumers to hike, explore and get out and see the world. We'd say they hit the mark. 

The subtle yet euphoric effects of huckleberry and THC-infused gummies from Wyld are right for just about any occasion. Take the edge off while still staying focused on your day, whether you're hiking or hanging back at home. With terps like limonene and linalool shining through, each 10 milligram gummy produces results while pleasing taste buds. 

This Can All Be Yours With Nugg Club 

We've been known for our sexy packaging containing cheeky messages; but we're not just a pretty face with the wit to match--we've got depth. Our team of expert curators hand-select and sift through more than half a million cannabis product reviews, so you don't have to, leaving you with the best options to enjoy. 

Nugg Club boxes are already jam-packed with goodies. But with our add-ons, you also have the option to throw any one of these killer products in your box (or as many as you want--up to the legal limit of course). 

So, what are you waiting for? Add one of the above products to your existing box for next month, or sign up for the Nugg Club now.

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The Nugg Club team works day-in and day-out discovering the best cannabis that California has to offer.

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