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Live resin is popular with patients seeking the entourage effect.

Have you seen live resin advertised at your local dispensary and wondered what it is? What's the difference between live resin and regular concentrates? Is live resin better than shatter or regular dabs? If you're looking to learn more about this innovative new cannabis product, you've come to the right place!

Live resin is a new crowd favorite because of the many natural flavors and cannabinoids it contains. Some even say it's the best marijuana concentrate on the market! No other cannabis extract contains the flavors and scents that live resin does because the extraction process preserves the cannabinoids and terpenes in their freshest form.

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Now, let's learn more about: 

  • what live resin is, 
  • how live resin is made, 
  • how to store it, 
  • and, most importantly, how to enjoy it!

What is Live Resin, and How is it Made?

Live resin is made from uncured cannabis, to retain all cannabinoids.

The first thing most customers want to learn is how live resin is made. Live resin is a type of marijuana concentrate made using very fresh cannabis flower. Many other extracts rely on dried and cured cannabis, but not live resin! 

It's made from freshly harvested flower that's either produced right away or flash frozen to retain peak freshness. This unique extraction process helps preserve the flavorful terpenes and potent cannabinoids in their original ratios and concentrations. As a result, live resin is considered by many to be a high-quality, luxury marijuana product. 

The various drying and curing stages affect the final product when producing concentrates. During these stages, buds often lose much of their flavorful terpene profile as the precious trichomes dry and fall off. This is why standard concentrates lack the flavor of the buds they were derived from. It's also why marijuana extractors developed live resin.

When making live resin, extractors skip the drying and curing of marijuana altogether. Instead, as soon as the marijuana has been harvested, it's either flash-frozen or sent straight to the production line. Then, it's processed at frigid low temperatures using extra care to preserve as much of the trichomes as possible. 

After this, the frozen cannabis goes through the usual solvent extraction process. The result is a concentrate with a significantly richer smell, flavor, and cannabinoid content. Also, it's thought that live resin can enhance the entourage effect because more of the terpenes and original cannabinoids remain in the final product in their natural ratios.

Live Resin vs. Distillate

While many cannabis users turn to live resin to maintain the authentic taste and smell of the marijuana plants, THC distillate sits at the other end. As the name suggests, distillate is made through a distillation process to remove all other materials and compounds. The result is a cannabis concentrate that consists of a single, specific cannabinoid. Typically, this is CBD or THC. 

Live resin has much more flavor and cannabinoid variety than distillates.

It is possible to dab both live resin and distillate. But, nearly all distillate products contain no flavor at all. Unless, of course, it has been added to the distillate afterward. 

There are many ways to consume distillate beyond dabbing. It can easily be added to foodstuffs to make edibles. You can also mix it with dried cannabis flower in your bowls or joints to boost the THC content without changing the flower's smell and taste. You'll often find distillate is the base ingredient in vape cartridges. This is because it allows the cartridge manufacturer more reliable direction over the smell and flavor of their vapes.

Ultimately, live resin and distillate are very different concentrates. Whichever is right for you depends on your consumption preferences. If you're looking for a dab closest to smoking marijuana flower as possible, you should consider live resin. But if you want more discrete dabs, distillates are better because they have little, if any, smell. 

At the end of the day, however, both are capable of very high potencies, meaning they can get you equally high. 

Is Live Resin Dangerous?

Using live resin is not known or associated with any additional health concerns beyond that of regular dabbing or vaping. Nevertheless, don't mistake live resin for "reclaim cannabis dabs." These are often referred to colloquially as resin by some marijuana users. 

Reclaim dabs are what they sound like: that spent dab oil you could reclaim from your rigs and potentially dab again. Most people in the cannabis industry and community don't recommend doing this, but many still do. This kind of resin is known anecdotally for being irritating to your lungs and throat. 

Resin also refers to the sticky black goo that accumulates in bowls, pipes, and bongs. If you have ever cleaned a glass piece before, you'll know exactly what it is. This, too can be smoked, but doing so is even less recommended than smoking reclaimed dabs. 

Live resin is best purchased from well-tested sources.

So long as you're purchasing your live resin products from licensed dispensaries, your concentrates will be as safe as possible. Not only that, dispensary products will include lab test results with every purchase. So you'll know exactly what is in your cannabis products along with their precise potency.

How to Smoke Live Resin

Dabbing is the most popular way to absorb live resin.

So, how do you smoke live resin? Well, there are three usual methods that people use to smoke or consume live resin. These are: 

  • Dabbing: Most people consume live resin by dabbing it. For the best results, you should strive to keep the temperature of your nail/tip around 550°F. This will help prevent those flavorful terpenes from being destroyed by the intense heat.
  • Vaping: Another popular method of smoking live resin is by vaping it. That is to say, using live resin in a vape pen. 
  • Adding live resin to flower: It's also possible to add live resin to your dried flower before you smoke it. This way, you can both enjoy your concentrate and flower with extra flavors and potency to boot.

How to Store Live Resin Correctly

Store your live resin in air-tight containers with as little air in the container as possible.

After purchasing your live resin from the dispensary, you'll want to store it correctly and preserve it as long as possible. Being a high-quality marijuana product (that often can be rather expensive), you won't want any to go to waste.

You should store your live resin products the way you would any other extract. Live resin is best stored in a cool, dark place within an airtight container. Doing this will ensure that your concentrates stay potent for as long as possible. You should also strive to keep your concentrates in containers as small as possible, leaving little more room than is necessary to fit all of your dabs. The smaller the container, the less air will make contact with your concentrate. 

Does Live Resin Get You Higher Than Wax?

After reading all of this, you may be sold on live resin. But one crucial question remains: does live resin get you higher than wax? Nope! Both live resin and wax are powerfully potent forms of cannabis. Yet, neither will definitely get you higher than the other every time. The exact potency of each product, whether it be live resin or wax, will depend upon the specific manufacturer. One brand of live resin could get you higher than another brand of wax, but live resin isn't always more potent gram for gram, and vice versa. 

Live resin is roughly the same potency as wax.

The real reasons cannabis connoisseurs fancy live resin are the robust flavors and potential entourage effect. It's safe to say that you won't find tastier dabs than live resin. However, if you're looking for a concentrate that can consistently get you higher than others, you may be interested in THC-A diamonds. These concentrates have some of the highest potency of all, routinely testing at 99% THC

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