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Click here to donate to Last Prisoner Project.

Nugg Club is taking a stand against mass incarceration by partnering with The Last Prisoner Project (LPP) and launching our own premium flower brand, Schedule1. No one should be behind bars because of cannabis, and together we can help make that mission a reality. To celebrate this launch, we'll be donating proceeds from this month's Nugg Club boxes to the Last Prisoner Project. 

Take a stand against mass incarceration with Nugg Club and Schedule1.

What is the Last Prisoner Project?

The Last Prisoner Project is a nonprofit organization committed to fighting for marijuana criminal justice reform. The guiding philosophy of the organization is that we all must strive to release those individuals incarcerated for marijuana because it has now been legalized throughout the country. If there are some people who can legally profit from marijuana, then the lives of those who have previously suffered from its criminalization should be rehabilitated and repaired.  

No one should be incarcerated for cannabis.


The Last Prisoner Project strives towards full freedom for the communities on the other side of unjust and unfair marijuana laws. They rely on a three-part strategy. LPP's intervention, advocacy, and awareness campaigns are designed to rectify the injustice of the past and present. The Project consists of leaders in the marijuana industry, criminal justice activists, policy experts, and others at the forefront of social justice and drug reform who are dedicated to freeing every single person incarcerated in the disastrous War on Drugs.

Learn more at their website.

What Does the Project Specifically Do to Help Prisoners?

First and foremost, the Last Prisoner Project is fighting for the release of all 40,000 prisoners currently incarcerated for marijuana offenses through pro bono legal services and advocacy.

Nugg Club is donating a portion of 1st month's Schedule1 proceeds to The Last Prisoner Project.

The LPP also:

  • Organizes and oversees many support programs for prisoners following their release because without proper support, released prisoners often end up behind bars again;
  • Works to expunge marijuana crimes from the records of released prisoners so they can find the education, jobs and housing they deserve; 
  • Engages in ongoing education efforts to bring the issue of mass incarceration to the forefront of public awareness;
  • Conducts policy advocacy work on prisoners' behalf;
  • Gives prisoners a voice by sharing their stories and putting them in contact with the public.

We can't think of a better recipient of Schedule 1's donations. We hope you're excited about helping them too, and that you'll sign up to donate, volunteer, or join the Letter to a Prisoner Program with us! 

Nugg Club’s Partnership with LPP

We've launched a limited edition, partnership box adorned with the names of some of the 40,000+ prisoners currently incarcerated for cannabis. This serves as a reminder that the freedom we're currently enjoying is wrapped in long history of injustice and incarceration that must still be mended.

Inside this box, you'll see a stark, black-capped jar cradling some of the most beautiful flower on the market. 

Schedule1 is a new cannabis brand dedicated to freeing all cannabis prisoners.

In addition to donating a portion of this month's Schedule1 sales to The Last Prisoner Project, Nugg Club is asking our customers and partners to consider helping the project as well. You can see a list of ways you can help in the section below.

While we enjoy the benefits of statewide legalization, our efforts toward national legalization must include freedom for these prisoners, expungement of undeserved criminal records and social equity efforts to help restore balance in our nation.

Join the Fight Against Incarceration

There are several ways you can help The Last Prisoner Project:

  • You can help them directly by donating here
  • You can spread awareness by sharing the project with everyone you know and asking  your friends to support the Project too.
  • You can volunteer with the program to help with petitions, rallies, marches, and other advocacy events.
  • You can also join the "Letter to a Prisoner" program.

The goal of the Letter to a Prisoner program is to help bolster prisoners' spirits so they can make it through the day-to-day grind of prison. It's easy to feel forgotten when you're behind bars. There's no better way to remind these prisoners that we remember them and are fighting for their freedom than with a personalized letter. Each of these prisoners struggles just to make it through another day. We can let them know that their struggle means something to us, and that the world will welcome them home when they're finally free.

And they will be.

To learn more about how you can support the Last Prisoner Project, visit their website here


At the end of the day, it's hard to say that marijuana has been truly legalized when there are people still serving time for its sake. We strongly support the Last Prisoner Project and its mission, and we hope you do as well. 

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team. We're always happy and willing to answer any question you may have when it comes to achieving justice for victims of the War on Drugs. 

Our work won't be done till the last prisoner is free.

Anthony Pellegrino

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